acoustair summary


Racan Carrier is proud to have been setting air handling standards since 1971. Through the years, the company has become a world class provider of custom air handling systems for commercial, institutional and industrial customers.

Racan Carrier air handler design allows for maximum flexibility. The units consist of pre-engineered modular sections that can be customized to specific requirements. To allow precise modular assembly and ensure a superior quality product, the air handlers can be completely assembled at the factory, shipped in sections or as knocked-down kits. Cabinets are available with 2″ or 4″ thick walls with solid or perforated liners.

The ACOUSTAIR® line offers the ultimate choice in structural rigidity, acoustical performance and airtightness. All sections can be factory assembled on a full length, sturdy unibase frame allowing the unit to be lifted and installed as a single piece.

Unibase air handlers offer optimum product quality and reduce field labor. In extremely tight field conditions or retrofit projects, Racan Carrier offers knocked-down air handlers specifically designed for job sites with limited access area. To ease the reassembly process, detailed drawings, instructions and assembly kits are provided.

Racan Carrier modular design allows for grouping a number of accessory modules so that their length is approximately the same as the blower section. This modular method reduces the number of field joints and associated field labor.

This catalogue contains physical dimensions, weights, and other technical data. Racan Carrier reserves the right to make design and construction changes at any time without notice.

Modular design approach to custom engineered air handling systems

Computer Aided Design

In-house developed CAD software allows for custom air handler design based on parametric algorithms. It incorporates a database of pre-engineered modules using AMCA® rated fans and ARI certified coils. Each module can be customized using AMCA® application guidelines to ensure optimum air performance.

Fan and heat transfer coil sections are optimized for their minimum section lengths and widths.

Custom modules are joined together to form a single unit. Three-dimensional scaled drawings ensure an accurate fit of all components prior to production.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Once the final performance selection is complete, the sheet metal cabinet components are automatically designed by the CAD/CAM software and its output is  downloaded to a central manufacturing database. The electronic file is finally retrieved by the local NC press shop operator on a regular basis according to the designated production schedule.

Quality Assurance Program

Our Quality Control Program ensures a high quality product by closely monitoring the design, production and assembly phases.

  • Quality control is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • ETL and CSA certifications are available

  • Factory leakage and aiflow testing are available.