Outdoor Construction

All Racan Carrier indoor sections are available for roof mounted air handlers. In addition, economizers and service corridors are also available for outdoor applications.

Special consideration has been taken to ensure waterproofing including, but not limited to, sloped roof, screws with gaskets, guttering, etc. The exterior surfaces are finished with a high quality airdried polyurethane copolymer paint.

Outdoor units’ roof panels are mechanically sealed with capped standing seams. Cap strips are turned down and fastened on both sides and include slimmed profiles to allow water runoff. The roof is sloped a minimum of ¼ in./ft. to ensure rain and snow runoff. The roof system is designed for 30 lbs./ft.2 snow load.

Roof Curb
Roof curbs are built and assembled in sections and bolted in the field. Curbs are constructed from heavy gauge galvanized steel. Nailer strips, gasketing, insulation, and counter flashing have to be provided and installed by the contractor.

Outdoor Economizer
This section provides a means of modulating the fresh, return and exhaust air volumes. A design is illustrated in figure 31. Contact your Racan Carrier representative for other possible economizer arrangements.

As standard, the fresh air intake includes bird screen. When the face velocity is a concern, optional aluminum filters can be provided as moisture eliminators. The lateral exhausts include motorized dampers and exhaust hoods on the exterior. Internal motorized low leakage mixing dampers are provided within the unit.

The return and fresh airflow streams are oriented towards each other to minimize air stratification. However, air blender sections are recommended to further reduce air stratification.

Rooftop Penthouse Units
Special rooftop penthouse units are available with full service vestibules. The economizer design for these types of units is custom and adapted to the specific requirements of the project.

Factory pre-piping, control equipment installation and high voltage wiring may be provided.

Outdoor construction
Outdoor construction