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OPTIMAIR air handlers combine the latest in manufacturing technology with over 25 years of experience in acoustics and HVAC applications.

The design features provide for maximum flexibility. The units consist of various pre-engineered modular sections that can be customized to specific requirements. Cabinets are available with 2″ or 4″ thick double walls with solid or perforated liners, as well as Tedlar® wrapped insulation.

The OPTIMAIR line offers the ultimate choice in structural rigidity, acoustical performance and airtightness. All sections can be factory assembled on a full length, sturdy unibase frame so that each unit can be lifted and installed as a single piece. However, when conditions do not permit handling of a unit in one piece, it can be shipped in multiple sections.

OPTIMAIR modular design allows for grouping a number of accessory modules so that field joining can be kept to the minimum.

To assist you to configure a unit, this catalogue contains pre-sized units at various cfm’s. Select the size closest to your needs and arrange the modules to meet the application. Please call your Racan Carrier sales engineer for assistance.

After completing your selection, you will have the preliminary unit configuration, size and weight. Forward this information to a Racan Carrier sales engineer to complete the performance characteristics and provide a CAD drawing of the unit, if necessary. Because Racan Carrier is continuously developing and improving the design of its product line, we reserve the right to modify, at any given time, the specifications, design and manufacturing processes described in this brochure.